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The property network

Keeping you connected to opportunity

Join the property network...

Stay connected to insights and opportunities for your home.

Access more opportunities to find your next home

Stay ahead ​​with unique market intelligence

Why Zump?

27m homes in the UK

8m people searching for a property

7m homeowners thinking about moving

260k properties listed for sale

This huge supply and demand imbalance is causing major issues, with over 50% of people unhappy in their home and unable to find an alternative.

Zump is a new property network

Removing barriers and providing a platform for buyers, owners and professionals to explore, share and stay connected to opportunity. Zump bridges the gap between on and off market and instead creates one connected property network where everyone can participate no matter what stage they’re at.

Zump for Owners

Claim your piece of the world

Create and own your property profile, just as you would your professional profile through LinkedIn.

Find out how many people are checking out your property profile and get live market insights specific to your home.

Easily test the market without needing to commit. Receive interest from motivated buyers. Sell when and how you want. Or just stay informed and inspired.

It's your property, your profile, your journey.

Zump for Buyers

A new way to find your next home…

We create more opportunities for you to find the right home:

Discover and connect with a growing network of owner shared property profiles.

Explore 27 million properties not yet on the market with Zump’s powerful mapping and search features.

Use powerful tools such as school catchment heatmaps, off market property data and instant valuations on any property you tap.

Connect with Experts

Expert support and advice when you need it.

Zumps property advisors are always here to help, providing support and guidance for all your property needs.

From valuations to finding local professionals we’re here to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity.

Off market houses for sale UK


Search for any property, explore any location.

Search off-market and owner listed properties to find your perfect home in your ideal location.

Use Zump's powerful search features to find matches in your perfect locations.

Zump any properties to connect and show you’re interested in them.

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Search for you new home


Stay informed, stay connected.

Create a property profile and access unique data for your home.

Tap on any property to see off market data, including estimated price and bedroom numbers.

See every legal property boundaries wherever you search, a great way to find plots with space to expand.

Use the School catchment heatmap feature to find great schools and locations.

Zump marker


Connect with great properties.

Zump any property to connect with it.

Connect when you've found a great house that you're interested in.

Connect when someones profile inspires you.

Connect to find out more about the area.

What is a Zump…

Property Profiles

Your property, your profile, your journey.

Your way to stay informed about everything to do with your property.

See how many people are looking at your profile and searching in the area.

Receive local and national market intelligence reports.

Show off your home’s best features and receive inspiration from others.

Connect with other homeowners, buyers, and property professionals so you never miss an opportunity.

Learn more about property profiles

Share property to find out how much is my house worth uk


Expert support and advice when you need it.

Our property advisors are there to support and progress the connections created between buyers and owners.

Available 24/7 to answer any question you have about your property and guide you through the process if you want to sell.

Supporting you through your journey…

Journey of a Zump

How your journey with Zump works…


Buyers can use Zump's search features to explore the streets and areas they want to live. Finding off-market andowner listed homes as they explore and easily express an interest in any property they like, directly through the app.


The buyer connects with a property to express their interest by sending either a Zump post (if the property isn't Zump registered) or a digital Zump (if the owner has registered and shared their property on the Zump map).

The Owner

Receives either an in-app notification of the Zump (if they are Zump registered) or the Zump post (if they are not). They can check out the profile of the interested buyer, read their bio and find out about their budget and moving timeline.

Zump accepted!

The Owner accepts the Zump simply by clicking accept in the app or contacting us. The owner is in complete control and they are under no obligations or contracts.

Expert support steps in

Your dedicated Zump Property Advisor will be in touch immediately, with both buyer and owner, to progress the connection. They will be there to assist you every step of the way, ensuring the best, and fairest price is agreed for both parties. Neither side are under any obligations or contracts at this point.

Offer acceptance

Only once an owner accepts an offer will they receive a fixed fee sales contract. This will only be payable after a successful completion.



Your dedicated Zump Property Advisor will be there to help and guide you every step of the way until you reach a successful completion.

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