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Why Zump?

Each year nearly 9 million people actively look to move house, but only around 900,000 properties are listed on the market.

Zump is a new property app

Unlocking off-market properties for buyers to discover and connect with homes they love and giving owners an easy, hassle free way to see who might be interested.

Zump for Buyers

Struggling to find your perfect property on the market?

Join Zump and take control of your search for the perfect home by exploring the off-market. With 29 million houses to be discovered we know your perfect ones out there, and we'll help you find it.

Zump for Owners

The thought of selling too much hassle?

Zump gives you a quick, easy and hassle free way to test the market and see who's interested. You're in control the whole time, with no obligations or contracts.

Expert Support

Expert support and advice when you need it.

To ensure both parties have winning outcomes, Zump Property Advisors will be there to support and progress any connections created between buyers and owners.

Saving you money

Save money when you sell your property on Zump.

Giving buyers and owners the tools to create their own connections means we can charge sellers a much lower fee. During our launch phase we will be charging a fixed fee of £599 (inc vat), payable only after a successful completion.


Search for any property, explore any location.

Access off-market houses to find your perfect home in your ideal location. Use Zump's Smart Search to find off-market matches as you explore. See the legal property boundaries wherever you search, a great way to spot those bigger gardens with space to extend. With 29 million properties at your fingertips, we know the right one is out there.


All the data you need to make an informed decision at the tap of a button.

With all the key info you need, such as estimated value, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, last transaction price and date, you can explore, research and find houses that fit your ideal requirements in the places you want to live.


Connect with the properties you love in the locations you want to be in.

Once you've found a property you like, send a Zump to express your interest. We'll send an automated Zump Post if the property is off-market and not a registered property for sale yet on Zump, or a Digital Zump if the owner is registered and has shared their property on the map.

What is a Zump…


A hassle free way to test the market and receive interest while you search.

Create your own property profile and share it on the Zump Map. Add as much or as little detail as you want. Add pictures and descriptions to make it stand out and receive Zump's from potential buyers. You're in control the whole time, with none of the normal hassle involved in putting your home on the market with an estate agent, no contracts, no obligations, no upfront fees.

Sharing your property on Zump…


Expert support and advice when you need it.

Our property advisors are there to support and progress the connections created between buyers and owners. We provide all the services you might want from an estate agency, but with none of the upfront hassle.

Supporting you through your journey…

Journey of a Zump

How your journey with Zump works…


Buyers can use Zump's search features to explore the streets and areas they want to live. Finding off-market homes as they explore and easily expressing an interest in any property they like, directly through the app.


The buyer connects with a property to express their interest by sending either a Zump post (if the property isn't Zump registered) or a digital Zump (if the owner has registered and shared their property on the Zump map).

The Owner

Receives either an in-app notification of the Zump (if they are Zump registered) or the Zump post (if they are not). They can check out the profile of the interested buyer, read their bio and find out about their budget and moving timeline.

Zump accepted!

The Owner accepts the Zump simply by clicking accept in the app or going to the website and registering with a simple form. The owner is in complete control and they are under no obligations or contracts.

Expert support steps in

Your dedicated Zump Property Advisor will be in touch immediately, with both buyer and owner, to progress the connection. They will be there to assist you every step of the way, ensuring the best, and fairest price is agreed for both parties. Neither side are under any obligations or contracts at this point.

Offer acceptance

Only once an owner accepts an offer will they receive a fixed fee sales contract. This will only be payable after a successful completion.



Your dedicated Zump Property Advisor will be there to help and guide you every step of the way until you reach a successful completion.

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