5 great ways to use Zump

There are so many ways you can use Zump to find your perfect home but here are five of our favourites. 

The 'dream' Zump

When you know you know. That one property. That one street. Whether it’s been a long-standing dream which your finances now allow you to turn into a reality or a long-standing reality that you've been unable to turn into your dream because you can’t find the right property.

You don’t need to play the waiting game any longer. Create an awesome profile and start sending Zumps. Zump one house at a time or an entire street at once. Every house you see is a potential house for sale so unless you try you’ll never know. Move to the front of the pack. Leave others to limit themselves to what’s ‘on market’ and go after what you want ‘off -market’. 

There are so many ways you can use Zump to find your perfect home but here are five of our favourites. 

The ‘out and about’ Zump

One of the best ways to use Zump is to literally get out and go to the places you’re interested in. Go for a walk, cycle or drive with the family and see what an area has to offer. Is the local coffee shop as good as the reviews say? Do the kids like the local park? Can you see yourself living there? 

If it meets your expectations and you see a property you like then just whip out the app, drop a pin on the house and check out the profile to see if it matches your requirements. Send a Zump then and there or save it for later. If a whole street has caught your eye then just drop multiple pins on every rooftop and Zump all at once. 

Visiting the streets and areas you’re interested in gives you a chance to really explore a place so you can ‘try it on for size’ to see if it fits with your family’s lifestyle.  

Family exploring an area to they want to live

The ‘sofa’ Zump

However, you don’t need to physically explore an area, with Zump property profiles you have a window into every house in the UK. Want to find out house prices nearby? See which houses have enough bedrooms for you? Or see the last sold price? You can find all this information and more in the Zump property profile. 

Use the map to discover houses you love on the streets you want to live. You can drop into street view at any point to see what the areas are like without leaving the couch.  

The ‘surprise encounter’ Zump

Have you ever been out and about and suddenly stumbled across a lovely little village, a beautiful property or super cool street. You never know when you might find that perfect house and, with Zump, you can now make the most of these opportunities. 

Quickly open up the app, go to your current location and check out which houses suit your requirements. Zump them on the spot or save them to your list for later.

Finding an amazing house

The ‘plan now, Zump later’ Zump

If you’re someone who likes to plan, research and take your time before making decisions then make use of the saved lists. You can create multiple lists, categorize them by location, house type, or in any other way you wish, and save properties as you explore. 

Share with friends and family to see what they think and when you’re ready, Zump any of the properties in your saved lists that you’re interested in pursuing. 

Download the app to start your exploration of the off-market. 

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