We're brand new and we're changing a system that's been the same for decades so of course, you have questions, here are the most common. 

How do I find off-market properties?

You're looking for a property to call home, and with 29 million possibilities in our database, it can be tough narrowing down the perfect match especially with a lack of properties on the market. Use Zump's Smart Search function that will find off-market matches as you explore by displaying legal boundaries wherever your search takes place - this way spot those bigger gardens or spaces available so there'll never again be any doubt about which house has what size garden waiting inside its boundary.

Can I send a Zump to any property I see on the map, even if it doesn’t have a pin on it?

Yes. You can literally Zump any property you see. Zump is an off-market property app and you can send Zump Post’s to any off-market property, or send Digital Zump’s to properties that an owner has shared on the map. Only when the owner has expressly said they are not interested in selling their house will you not be able to Zump the property. 

How do I know the difference between an off-market property and an owner shared property?

Owner shared properties will have pink pins with house images on them at all times. An off-market property is any property you see on the map without a pin on it. If you are using our Smart Search feature to identify off-market properties that fit your requirements then there will be a grey pin on them. 

Do buyers and owners ever deal directly with each other?

In short no, Buyers and Sellers will never deal directly with each other. Our goal at Zump is to make it easier for motivated buyers to find and connect with properties they love. To help this happen we have given buyers a tool to express their interest in buying the houses they see and owners a tool to easily test the market without the normal hassle of listing your property for sale. Any connections that are made will always be serviced by Zumps expert Property Advisors.

What is a Zump Property Advisor?

A Zump Property Advisor is your local expert. Their job is to service the connections created between buyers and owners. Unlike a traditional estate agency, your Property Advisor will be your one single point of contact throughout your journey and they will be available whenever you need them. Everything a traditional estate agent does, only with a more personal and seamless service. 

Who does the Property Advisor act for?

Zump Property Advisors officially act for the owner as it is the owner that pays the fee. They are there to ensure the best and fairest price is agreed and to support the sale process through to successful completion. However, Property Advisors are also there to support buyers in their journey to finding and buying their perfect property. So, if there is ever anything you need then all you need to do is ask.

What does it mean when I share my property?

Sharing your property means that you have used Zump to easily test the market and see who’s interested in buying the house. By sharing your property you are simply allowing active buyers to be able to easily connect with you by sending you a Digital Zump. It’s listing a house for sale without any of the normal hassle or obligations. 

What happens when I receive a Digital Zump from an interested buyer?

Receiving a Digital Zump means that you can receive the buyer's profile in your account within the app. You can take a look to see their moving position, timeline, budget, and a general story about why they are looking to move and why they’re interested in your property. If it matches your own expectations and timeline you can accept the Zump. One of our Property Advisors will then be in touch to help you find out more and progress the connection. There are no obligations whatsoever at this point. Our only goal is to help you explore the interest and to support and advise you however you wish.

Do I need to sign any contracts upfront to share my property?

No. We want to give owners an obligation and hassle-free way to list their house for sale and test the market. We are here to help whenever you need us. A free valuation, professional photos, and floor plans, or just general property advice. Until we find you a buyer and you agree a sale there are no contracts whatsoever.

How much do I have to pay to sell my property on Zump?

Zump charges a sales fee of £599 (inc VAT) when you successfully complete the sale of your property. This is over £2,500 cheaper than the average traditional estate agent's fee. We are able to charge a cheaper fee because we don’t have to pay for expensive property portals and other advertising costs. We also don’t have the same high street agent office overheads. We have given buyers and owners the tools to create connections themselves, leaving us to focus all our attention on giving you the best product and the best possible service.

Can people see my exact address if I share my property on the Zump map?

Only if you choose. You have full control over whether your exact address is shown on the map or if you want to hide your exact location and move the pin to where you feel most comfortable. We also don’t put for sale signs up outside your property unless you want us to. Minimum hassle, minimal intrusion.

Where does Zump get its off-market data from?

Zump has some of the best off-market property data available. We have a very clever team of technical experts who work tirelessly to pull in data from multiple sources so that we can bring the off-market to life with loads of useful data.


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