New Feature: School Catchment Heatmaps 

Our new school catchment heat-map feature uses official admissions data taken from the school census. Helping you find properties within the catchment areas of the schools you want your children to attend.

We're offering 25 users early access to start using the feature immediately, just click here 


For parents, school catchment areas are one of the most important factors when looking at where to move. But finding the right property in the right catchment is pretty tricky. You'll need to go to different sites, compare the catchments with the property's location and try and decipher poor visual mapping displays.

With our new School Catchments Heatmaps you'll have everything you need in one place. They will give you a vital visual insight in to the likelihood of admission based on where a property is located in relation to a school. 

How it works 

Tap on any school to see a heat map of where the most recent intake of students has come from. Tapping on the school will bring up a heatmap, clearly highlighting the areas where admission would be most likely, as well as the schools Ofsted ranking. Making it easier than ever to find your perfect house in your perfect catchment. 

While this feature is still being tested we want your feedback on how it could be improved. So, we are offering 25 users the chance to start using this feature immediately. If you would like to start using school catchments now just click here

Coming Soon: School Profiles

Hot on the heels of the school catchment feature will be school profiles, giving you a more in depth look at each school. You will be able to view all the key data from reading and writing scores to happiness ratings and teacher to pupils ratios

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