Four ways to make your property profile stand out

With 1000s of people using Zump to find their next home it's important to make your property stand out and capture as much attention as possible. You'll want to have some lovely photos highlighting features, a great description, and some attributes.  

1. Price your home correctly 

When someone clicks on your property the first thing they will look at is the price. Making sure you've priced your home correctly will lead to lots more people engaging with your property.  

Check out this article on how much is your home worth for more info on how we can help price your home. 

2. Photos paint a thousand words

Photos are the main way to make your property profile stand out. Dark, cluttered rooms do not shout “This is the house of my dreams". Bright, high quality images really help others to see your home in its best light. Here are some tips to help you take the best pictures.

Taking a photo of a nice, bright room

Photography Do’s 

Open the curtains, turn on the lights and, if possible, take pictures on a sunny day 

Whether it’s a nice big garden or bright kitchen, just make sure the pictures flow together. 

Photography Don’ts 

Make sure you clear the clutter

Xmas trees, Halloween pumpkins etc. 

3. A good property description 

A well written property description will help spark interest in your home. 

What are your favourite things about your house, why did you move there and what do you think others will love? Is it the kitchen, bathroom, or a window seat? Or perhaps sitting in the garden in the summer or the local pub you like to visit? You can also add when you're looking to move to help prospective buyers. 

The more you write about the things you love about your home, the better. 

4. Add in your Assets 

Use the amenities and attributes areas to add all the great features in your property. For example parking, nice view, good for couples are all important things to know for buyers. These are displayed as eye catching icons to your profile. 

 Assets and amenities icons


Get in touch


If it’s all too much just ask us for help!

We are always here to help you with anything you need so, if you need any assistance setting up your profile you can call or email us anytime. Your personal property advisor will be able to organize, valuations, photos and floor plans to really make your property profile stand out. 


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