Make your Zump stand out

Having a great looking Zump will increase the chances of an owner accepting it so we've made sure there are lots of opportunities to make it stand out.   


Why Zump off-market properties?

By definition these properties are not on the market so a Zump is our way of contacting them. Once you're on the app and you've found some off-market properties, send a Zump to show the owners you're interested.

When you Zump a property we will send your profile to the owner of the home. This will be via mail if they aren't on Zump or a digital message if they have the app. No personal information such as your number or your address will be shared.

Your profile shows the owners that a real person is interested in their house. Your profile is made up of your bio, buying information, and a photo. This is your chance to really engage with the owner, show them who you are, what you're like, and why you're interested in the property.

The owner will base their decision on whether to accept your Zump based on your profile so it's vital to create a compelling story.

Here's our guide to help you create the best Zump profile!

The perfect off-market profile

The Photo

Add a photo to your account. Adding a picture creates a personal touch and helps you connect with the owners. You are much more likely to receive a positive response when the home owner can see who's sent the Zump.

Moving Information

This information will help the owner decide if your timeline and budget match their expectations. Do you have a preferred timeline of when you want to move or are you flexible? If you don't have an exact timeline that you need to stick to, select flexible. As the property is off-market the owners will need some time to find their own property so being flexible will encourage a positive response.

There is a box to tick whether you are mortgage approved or a cash buyer. This shows that you are a serious buyer with the means to follow through on an offer.

Adding your budget will make a huge difference to the home owner. It allows them to see if your budget is in line with their expectations and legitimizes your offer.

Don't worry about the home owner inflating the value of the property to take advantage of this information. Our Property Advisors will conduct a thorough valuation for both interested parties. Being honest with your budget will increase the number of responses you get from Zumps and helps to avoid disappointment later on.

The Bio

The Bio is your chance to tell your story and create a compelling reason for the owner to accept your Zump. Almost everybody forms some kind of an emotional attachment to their home, especially if they've been there a long time. Your Bio must convince them that you are a serious buyer that will value their property.

To make this easier we've broken the profile down into three areas.

In your Bio give a brief background on who you are, why you're looking to move and what your ideal property is. 

Personal Information

Add in your personal information. We will not share this with anybody else. By providing these details you are confirming for us that you are a real person. They will see that you are Zump verified

Our Property Advisors will use these details to keep you up to date with the status of your Zumps. They will also contact you when we have a response from the homes you have Zumped.

How to Zump off-market properties

Once you've created your profile you can start sending your Zumps. Go to the explore page, find an area you want to live on the map, and tap on properties to discover ones that fit your criteria. Tap Zump when you find a house you're interested in.

You then have the chance to personalise a message for that property. A box with an automatically generated message will appear. If there is a distinct reason why you have Zumped that property add it in here to further personalise your approach.

Below is a copy of the profile we send out with our Zump letters. You can see there the message that is currently set as standard and the layout of how the above information is set.

Check out these guides on what a Zump is and how to make the most out of Zump to find out more. We are always happy to help so if you would like help so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback. Call us on 0800 0385 781 or email

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