Sell your property on Zump

In order to keep the platform running and provide you with advanced features and 24/7 support, we charge a small fee 0.2% on completed transactions. Creating profiles, receiving offers, accessing data and sending Zumps are completely free. 


1. Create your property profile 

Use our easy template to create your property profile for free. There are no obligations or contracts. It's your property, your profile, your journey. 

Learn more about property profiles here


2. Receive Zumps

Once you create a profile other people in the property network will be able to connect with you by sending you a Zump. They may be interested in making an offer on your home or want to find out more about the property or they may just like how you decorated a room and would like to know how you did it. Check out their profiles and accept or decline any connections requests.  

Read more about what a Zump is 

Sit back, relax and wait for the Zumps to flood in

3. Complete

When you are ready to sell you can either go through Zump, we charge a small service fee of 0.2% on completed sales. This is to keep the platform running with our advanced features and 24/7 support. You can also choose to list through an estate agent which will have their own fees.

 Expert support and guidance through to completion
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