Share your property on Zump

Zump is a hassle free alternative to using an estate agent. There are no contracts or agents, it's just a simple way to explore interest in your property.


1. Share your house for free

Use Zumps easy template to create and share your listing on the Zump Map for free. There are no obligations or contracts, share and unshare whenever you like. 

Read more about sharing your property here


2. Receive Zumps

Once you share your property you will receive Zump’s from interested buyers. Check out their profiles to see if their budget and timelines fit your expectations. When you find a good fit and accept the Zump and one of our expert Property Advisors will be in touch. 

Read more about what a Zump is 

Sit back, relax and wait for the Zumps to flood in

3. Complete

When you accept a Zump you will be personally assigned a property advisor. They are there to support the process through to completion. They will liaise between yourself and the buyer, organize viewings, mediate negotiations and take care of all the admin involved. While we are launching we are running a special promotional price of £599 (inc VAT). 

Find out more about Zump Property Advisors 

 Expert support and guidance through to completion
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