Zump Property Advisors, experts in off-market 

Our Property Advisors are your dedicated point of contact. Working with both buyers and sellers to answer questions, handle admin and ensure both parties are happy with the results. 

For buyers  

From the beginning of your search right through to the end we’re always here to help. Buying a house is not a quick process but having an expert to turn to with questions can make it a simple one. Take a look at our buyer's guide for a step-by-step breakdown of buying a house with Zump. If you have any questions about Zump, a property you've seen or you just need some guidance, contact us and a dedicated property advisor will be assigned to you. 

Our mission is to make the off-market accessible for everyone.  

Buyer has found a property

For owners

When you receive a Zump it’s completely up to you whether or not you choose to accept it and find out more. If you accept, one of our Property Advisors will be straight in touch to help you explore the buyer's interest. They will be your intermediary, available to assist you and answer your questions 24/7.

Whilst supporting and advising buyers throughout the journey, Property Advisors are there to act on behalf of the owner and look after their best interests to ensure the best and fairest price for the property is achieved. 

Saving you money

By harnessing new technologies and the capabilities of smartphones Zump has made much of the front-end work done by traditional estate agents redundant.

Expensive property portal costs, lead generation, office overheads, and other admin tasks are what you, as a seller are paying for. This has led to a front-end focus by estate agents of ‘get the listing’ at any cost. Eroding consumer trust and generally delivering poor service. 

Giving buyers and owners tools to create their own connections means Zump can save time and money. We pass this saving on to the seller in two ways. 

  1. While we are launching we are running a special promotional fee of £599 (inc VAT) for all our services that is only payable after completion. 

  2. With the ability to focus all our attention on the quality of service once a connection has been made rather than just getting your property on the books and on one of the portals. 

This doesn't mean that we cut corners or lack the expertise of an estate agent. We know that a home is often a person’s most valuable asset and we aim for our customer service to match the significance of what you are selling or buying.

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