The Zump buyers guide

Buying a house is often listed as one of the most stressful things a person can do, it's a process filled with possible pitfalls and complications. Now it's only getting worse with demand greatly surpassing supply. We're trying to solve these issues by giving buyers a new way to find houses and providing a dedicated Property Advisor to support them through the entire process.

1. Why should you use Zump?

Buyers can use Zumps search features to express their interest in almost any property they see on the map. In the BS postcodes there are over 450,000 houses to interact with and our Smart Search feature will highlight the properties that match your requirements. For any advice or guidance, contact and one of our Property Advisors will be in touch. 

2. What is my Budget?

To make sure you know what you can afford you should first speak to a mortgage broker. There are various types of mortgages available with different types of interest rates to suit the different purposes of each borrower. If you’re a homeowner you will also need to get a valuation on your house to understand what your budget will be.

Contact free valuation from one of our expert Property Advisors. 

3. Decide what kind of property you like

With Zump you have 29 million properties at your fingertips so it’s important to know what you're looking for from your next home.

Do you know the area you want to live in? Do you want to move nearby or much further afield? How many bedrooms do you need? Is a garden a must have now? Do you need to be near transport links or a certain school? Do you want to renovate or move straight in?

You can use the Zump map and smart search tools in Bristol to filter your needs and preferences to find the perfect house for you. 

Finding a great house to buy

4. Selling your home

Traditionally selling your home is a time consuming and expensive process. It usually takes three to four months but can take longer if there’s a chain of sales to go through. Normally you would need to contact different estate agents, compare valuations, compare prices, sign contracts, have photos and floor plans taken, have a for sale sign put up, have property viewings take place, and keep your house in viewing condition all this time.

With Zump you can quickly and easily share your property on the app. Add your own photos and descriptions or simply share with no details. Receive Zump's from interested buyers and decide on who you want to progress with based on the buyer's profiles. You will have your own dedicated Zump Property Advisor to help and support you at every stage of the process.

5. Getting a mortgage approved

Once you find the mortgage you want, you can apply before making an offer on a property. Once you receive a confirmation you will know exactly how much they are willing to lend you. This is called a mortgage in principle.

You can skip this process and wait until you have an offer accepted on a property before applying for a mortgage, but there is the risk that you may not be able to borrow enough or that the seller may not take your offer seriously.

Contact Zump for guidance and advice on this process.

6. Viewing Properties

Once you’ve found an amazing house that ticks all the boxes you’ll want to view the property. This gives you the opportunity to make sure it’s everything you thought it was, check out the local area and make sure there are no structural issues. Once you’ve had a connection accepted on Zump you can organise viewings with your Property Advisor.

7. Making an offer

When you’ve found the right home it’s time to put in an official offer. Your Zump Property Advisor is there to facilitate negotiations and make sure the fairest price is reached, which results in a win win, for both parties.

receiving an offer on your house

8. Appoint a Solicitor

Once your offer is accepted you will want to appoint a solicitor to take care of the legal work involved in changing ownership of the house. This includes:

Picking the right solicitor is really important and we only work with the best. We can provide you with a list of great solicitors that make this process quick and painless.

Contact Zump for advice and guidance on the best solicitors in your area.

9. Home Survey

This is a check of the value of the property you want to buy and its condition. Most mortgage lenders will insist on this and they will organise a qualified expert to perform the survey. You can read the report which will highlight any unforeseen issues or costs associated with the property.

10. Exchange Contracts

Once the mortgage has been approved, the buyer has fulfilled their purchase duties and you are completely satisfied with the property you can exchange contracts. Your solicitor will arrange the exchange with the seller and the agreement becomes legally binding. Your solicitor will transfer the deposit to the seller, you will need to pay stamp duty and you can agree on a completion date.

11. Moving Home

The completion date is the day you legally own your new home. At that point the seller must leave the property, the funds are transferred to them from your mortgage company and you are given the keys and the title deeds for the property.

Now there’s just the small matter of moving home. If you haven't done this before be prepared. It’s always incredible the number of things you accumulate over the years. You may want to move everything yourself which is laudable but we would always recommend using a Zump verified moving company, just ask your Zump Property Advisor.

Here’s a brief moving home checklist:

You will also need to organise home issuance for your new home. There are lots of options out there that can be overwhelming but your Zump Property Advisor is here to guide you on what cover you need and which policies offer the best value for money.

12. Sit back and relax in your new home  



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