What is a Zump?

A Zump is an expression of interest you send to houses that you love. These are either postal Zumps, for off-market properties, or digital Zumps, for owner shared houses. 


To find the houses you love go to the map and explore the areas you want to live. If you're in Bristol tap search here to find off-market matches that meet your requirements. Tap any property to see key data take and take an in-depth look. We are constantly improving our data to make it more accurate but treat the estimations as a guide, not an absolute fact. As we grow, with more users contributing, we will be able to offer increasingly precise value estimations.  

You can find out more about Zumps search features here

Explore the off-market


When you've found a property that matches your requirements you can express your interest by sending a 'Zump' to it. A Zump is made up from the information in your profile and a customised message which you write when you send the property. Your bio is incredibly important and could be the main reason an owner accepts your Zump, so spend some time making it as compelling as possible. We won't ever share any personal information such as email or last name. 

Find out how to make your Zump stand out here.


The owner will receive your Zump and review the details. They can accept by registering online, emailing, calling, or clicking accept if they have the app. 


When a connection is accepted, one of Zumps Property Advisors will be in touch with both parties to help, advise and support the connection to completion. Negotiating a fair price and dealing with all the hassle, they will be your dedicated point of contact, available to answer questions 24/7, and will be the intermediary between the buyer and owner. 

Find out more about Zumps Property Advisors here. 



Expert support and guidance through to completion

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