Zumps off-market search features

Access the off-market to find your perfect home in your ideal location. Go to the map in the app and begin discovering ideal properties in areas you love. 


Press the 'Boundaries' button on the map whenever you want to see the legal property boundaries of the houses you're looking at on the screen. A great way to spot those plots with more potential.

Search Here

Use our Smart Search feature to find off-market houses that match your requirements. Just set your filters by price, the number of bedrooms, and house type then go to the map. Press 'Search here' to highlight properties that match your search criteria as you explore. This feature is currently only available in Bristol and the BS postcodes.

Off-market property actions tab

Tap any property you see on the map to bring up your property actions tab. This is an interactive tab that provides you with key information about the property including, the estimated value range, the number of bedrooms and the last sold price.  

off market property actions tabZump 

Identified a property of interest? Tap 'Zump' to express your interest in the property. We'll keep you updated on the progress of each Zump and when an owner accepts one of our expert Property Advisors will be in touch. 

Learn more about what a Zump is here

Street view  

Drop-in and take a look around the street the house is on.


Save properties as you explore. Create different lists to save them too and share with friends and family.

Drop multiple pins 

A school catchment, being closer to work or just love a particular street or village? Press this button and drop pins on multiple properties allowing you to Zump or save all at once.

We are developing a lot of exciting new features to make it even easier to explore the off-market and help you find properties you love. We will update you when they are released. If there’s any way we can improve your experience please let us know. 

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