How to top up your Zumps for Free 

Our mission is to help you find your perfect property so we’ve added loads of ways for you to top up your Zumps for free, we’ll run through them in this article. 


Your profile is one the most important aspects of your Zump so you’ll gain five Zumps for filling out all the sections.

Sending Zumps 

Not every Zump will be successful but don’t get disheartened, nothing good ever comes easy. We’ll add more Zumps to our frequent users periodically so don’t worry that you’ll run out.  

sending Zumps

Sharing with friends

If you’re enjoying Zump and you know someone that should be exploring the off-market we’ve made it simple to share. For the first 10 friends, you invite you’ll receive two Zumps for each person immediately and your friends will receive them as soon as they download the app. After that, you’ll both receive 2 Zumps when your friend downloads the app. 

Leave us a review

As a new business reviews are essential for us to keep growing, if you think we deserve it please leave us a review in the app store or on the Google play store. We’ll say thanks with some Zumps. 

Share your property

If you're looking for a new property you may also be thinking about selling your current house. Share your property on Zump for a hassle and obligation free way to test the market. To help you find your perfect home we are awarding additional Zump’s for sharing your property on Zump and adding photos. 

You can find out more about sharing your property on Zump here.

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